The Master Collection

“What makes a Masterpiece? Discover the extraordinary collections that have earned this unique distinction”

Every design has behind it a distinctive story, a narrative of how it came from concept to reality. This process begins with an idea, translated into a sketch and followed by rounds of exhausted production to bring to life one final, perfected outcome. All of our collections endure this intensive process, but our Masterpiece selections take the process a step further—creating an elegant dance between form and function to achieve an unparalleled level of excellence. To earn a Masterpiece distinction, a collection must begin with exquisite composition: like fine art, the canvas and paint must be of the utmost quality. With such a formidable foundation, a Masterpiece is then engineered with the finest materials and masterfully crafted employing time-honored traditions and the most artisanal of processes. Flawlessly executed and carefully imagined, these collections have been built to be cherished as family heirlooms for generations. The mindful distinction of Masterpiece graces the most extraordinary pieces in our offering, including The Masters Aluminum Series, a brilliant collaboration between Janice Feldman and Orlando Diaz-Azcuy, Fibonacci by the renowned Gabellini Sheppard, and three sublime collections from our own founder and CEO Janice Feldman: Wing, Boxwood, and her newest introduction Konos. The magnificent Eve Cast Bronze makes strides as our only accessory to be deemed a Masterpiece.

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