The Katachi Collection

“Transcending the boundaries of form and function with precision and beauty.”

A collection so meticulously constructed, Katachi complements the human form in a way that is enchanting, captivating. The result is sculptural seating, ingenious in both its ergonomics and visual appeal. Designed by Janice Feldman, Katachi is an innovative, award-winning ensemble inspired by the Japanese concept that combines “Kata” meaning form, and “Chi” meaning magic. Katachi’s contemporary shape influenced four new shades of JANUSfiber—Agave, Dolomite, Pewter, and Tungsten—each one a variegated, herringbone weave of colors. With an exceptional design and graceful curves, this collection is exceptionally suited for style-driven environments both indoors and out. Beautifully imagined, Katachi’s unique pitches and curves marry well with the Vino and Strada collections.

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